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Vietnamese Perspectives on globalisation

This collection gathers works on factors that have and will affect the development of Vietnamese society through loss of culture, war, famine, migration, and other challenges resulting from the globalisation process. Keywords include: Vol. VI, globalisation, geopolitics, world politics, international, business, global, cross-cultural, intercultural, diplomacy, peace Vol-VHI20216001 ‘Vietnam Hoc Studies Seen From a Global Perspective‘ […]

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Textbooks in Vietnamese Studies

This collection offers Vietnamese textbooks translated from educational works by international authors. These textbooks have contributed to the education of many Vietnamese generations from Han-Nom to modern days studies. French, English, Russian and Chinese literary works are available under e-book forms downloadable from the ebookstore, by language (1) by authors (2), by keywords (3) or […]

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Vietnamese Authors In the World

This collection is on sustainable development, responsible leadership and ethics applied in the Vietnamese accelerating changing context. The collection includes different views by Vietnamese authors that showcase the multi-dimensional aspects of the Vietnamese ideological and behavioural transformation of the Vietnamese ethos, caused by external factors through war, famine, migration, and other challenges resulting from the […]

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Tourism, Arts and Cultural Heritage

This collection is on how Vietnam preserves its cultural diversity by giving a big priority to spiritual tourism, and including arts and cultural heritage as an important element of the country economic development, linking Vietnam cultural heritage site to UNESCO World Heritage selection and activities. The collection showcases multiple efforts in preserving and maintaining Vietnam’s […]

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Philosophy, Traditions and Values

This collection is about the theme of ethics, faith, spiritual values and traditions as found in Vietnamese literature as well as in Chinese, Indian, Greek philosophy that are the main guidelines of how ethics should be applied in the sector of Education. Keywords include: Vol. II, philosophy, traditions, values, ethics, faith, spirituality, quality education, integrity, […]

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Learning Resources on Education

This collection is about change and change management in the designing process of a study program. The content of articles and books are about the educational needs of Vietnam since the 1990s. French, English, Russian and Chinese literary works are available under e-book forms downloadable from the ebookstore, by language (1) by authors (2), by […]

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Vietnam-Hoc Collection

The Vietnam Hoc Collection proposes a variety of books, articles, learning materials and essays on the theme of change management, including strategies for integration, and policies on development for sustainability. Specifically, the learning resources focus on topics such as inclusive and balanced education from the perspective of UNESCO and world leaders in higher education. Learning […]

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Pre-MBA English

Useful tips for learning strategies

Our SBI Learning Centre provides useful tips for learning strategies such as HOW TO get access to the best rankings MBA programs, HOW TO get scholarships to top universities, HOW TO seek out opportunities for an internship with international organizations, HOW TO work out best strategies for your dream job, and HOW TO prepare yourself […]

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Doctoral Schools

Find the right destination and program for your needs

For students who wish to obtain an international degree with top schools in Europe or America, the SBI Edu-news forum presents different options to study and how to prepare for your stay in France, Germany, UK, USA, Australia, Singapore, Japan and Malaysia, to name a few. Many of these destinations offer scholarships or grants to […]

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International Study Programme for Vietnamese students

Join our Global Network of Educators

Some blogs with rich content always inspire me to share with our Community on exciting opportunities to connect with peers and partners through SBI Global Network. Here is what they have to share. EDUindex Educational News. “I always feel joyous and excited  on occasion of National (5September) or World (5 October) Teachers’ Day, as […]

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