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Who can join

  • Top level managers who need a qualification for career advancement;
  • Mid-level managers who need to improve their professional skills to go international;
  • Professionals who wish to improve their management skills with an international program.
  • Teachers, Educators, Social and Youth Community Leaders who are interested on Education matters.

Discussion Topics

Page Forum for creativity is SBI Learning Center that present different learning solutions, ranging from tips for successful learning strategies, pre-MBA exam questions in English, scholarship opportunities for overseas studies, research methodologies and publications for peer reviews among academia and doctoral candidates.

Page Forum-1 proposed tips for successful learning strategies. Click here to join

Page Forum-2  lists all instructions on how to go-to-class on the SBI Online Learning Platform and exam questions to prepare after class.

Page Forum-3 provides information (in Vietnamese) on study opportunities and scholarships for study abroad. Click here to join SBI Blog on HocmbaOnline.

Page Forum-4 collects research findings on Epistemology and Research Methodology in Humanistic Studies Click here to join

Page Forum-5 collects publications related the Vietnam Hoc Studies. Click here to join

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