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The listing of Collection Tourism, Arts and Cultural Heritage (Theme III) allows a quick search based on the following keywords.

This collection gathers works on factors that have and will affect the development of Vietnamese society through loss of culture, war, famine, migration, and other challenges resulting from the globalization process.

French, English, Russian and Chinese literary works are available under e-book forms downloadable from the ebookstore, by language (1) by authors (2), by keywords (3) or by categories (4).

VHI20213001bsubtheme3-1.pngDeveloping Sustainable Tourism for Vietnam
VHI20213002Bsubtheme3-2.pngLearning from the Past: Customs, Traditions and Values
VHI20213003Bsubtheme3-3.jpgPreserving Vietnamese Cultural Heritage
VHI20213004bsubtheme3-4.jpgDeveloping Sustainable Tourism for Vietnam (part 2)
VHI20213005Bsubtheme3-5.jpgLearning from the Past: Customs, Traditions and Values (Part 2)
VHI20213006bsubtheme3-6.jpgPreserving Vietnamese Cultural Heritage (Part 2)

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