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World Literature in Vietnamese (Theme VI)
Vol. VI, globalisation, geopolitics, world politics, international, business, global, cross-cultural, intercultural, diplomacy, peace, vietnamhoc studies, traditional medicine

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VHI20216001Bsubtheme6The collection Vietnam Hoc Studies Seen From a Global Perspective is about the identification of needs in education in the Vietnamese context and adapting the curriculum that adapts to the needs of a society in transition.
VHI20216001Bsubtheme6The collection Vietnamese at the Crossroads of Future Choices is about choices to be made by Vietnamese people in dealing with modernization and globalization issues while keeping values and traditions that form the diversity of Vietnamese people as a nation.
VHI20216003Bsubtheme6The collection Building a global network of Vietnam Experts is how the Vietnamese economy can benefit from the knowledge and expertise of Vietnam experts to prepare students to face new challenges of an international competitive workplace.
VHI20216004Bsubtheme6The collection International Authors on Vietnam War Studies focuses on how lessons learned from the Vietnam War can benefit the studies on International relations and world politics.
VHI20216005The collection International Authors on Sustainable Development gives an overview of the interpretation of sustainability seen through the lenses of spiritual and ethical values that have been adapted to the discipline of international studies.
VHI20216006The collection International Authors on International Relations and World Politics contains learning material based on experiences of countries that have successfully accomplished a high level of HDI index for students of political studies.
VHI20216007The collection International Authors on Global Ethics Applied refers to works that emerged from the debate surrounding rapid medical and technological advances in the early 1970s and are now established as a subdiscipline of moral philosophy.
VHI20216008The collection Vietnamese Traditional Medicine and Health Studies refers to works on the benefit of indigenous knowledge in world herbal therapy history that is practiced in the discipline of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

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