Short Summary Book TWO

Facing Changes and Preserving Our Vietnamese Cultural Identities

Vol-VHI20211002 discusses the changes that Vietnam is facing during the globalisation process. This book is about how Vietnamese people cope with these changes by preserving their own cultural identities.

The integration of Vietnam to the global economy requires the knowledge of our own traditions and values.

In order to understand the outer world for survival, we need to find a common ground in interacting with other cultures.

Vietnam Hoc curriculum takes into consideration the needs of Vietnamese students and prepares them to face international competition, while preserving their own cultural identity. 

Philosophy, Faith and Spirituality or Religions are important for the development of learners as a child and a future parent, and as a future citizen of the World.

Social studies are relevant to understand how societies work.

History, Anthropology, Ethnology, Sociology, Geography and Political studies help to understand the evolution of one particular society through time and space. 

Among these topics, Ethics is part of moral theories which are the foundation of all good societies. Applied ethics are developed through the code of conducts or code of ethics by organisations according to their own culture. 

The underlying theme of this second collection is about facing changes by preserving values and traditions and the role of the Vietnamese State in facilitating the integration of minority ethnics to the modernisation process of the economy as a whole.

Citation references

Anh Tho Andres (Ed.), Facing Changes and Preserving Our Vietnamese Cultural Identities, in :

Education, Cultures and Ethics in the Context of Vietnam
Vol. VHI20211002, International Edition, 2021.

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