Short Summary of Book FOUR

Vol.VHI20211004 ‘Aligning with International Standards of Higher Education‘ focuses on what Vietnamese universities should do to attain quality education.  

Higher education today plays an extremely important role in shaping the world in general and people in particular.

Sustainable development relies on science, technology and innovation and good management skills.

Universities are the most important institutions for creating change and creating the future.

The Vietnam Law on Higher Education specifies the main missions of higher education institutions in Vietnam as follows:

  • Train human resources and improve people’s knowledge;
  • Foster talents by applying scientific and technological research;
  • Ensure national defence and security
  • Facilitate international economic integration;

In order to achieve quality output, universities must train human resources to devote and dedicate themselves to human resources management. At the same time, universities should contribute the knowledge of humanities through research on topics related to social development and human wellbeing.

Thus, the goals of higher education in Vietnam are to develop human resources with sufficient knowledge, skills and required ethical qualities.

To achieve this goal, universities need to build faith on its role in improving quality of education, knowledge, skills, competencies and ethical behaviour through training and study programs that transform the knowledge into practical life skills of learners in terms of academic achievements.

Aligning to international standards through accreditation of higher education institutions is the first step towards quality education for Vietnam.

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