Short Summary of Book THREE

Strategies For Economic Integration, Balancing needs and changes with orientation

Vol-VHI20211003 is about balancing needs and changes. Needs are limited and tangible, but wants are unlimited and intangible.

Vietnam Hoc takes into consideration the needs of Vietnamese economy to propose curriculum that fits students needs.

Generally speaking, strategies are the use of existing capabilities to come out with the best outcome. Policy makers use strategies to enhance the productive capacity of existing industries, to encourage economic diversification and to strengthen the business environment for sustainability. 

Development policies provide guidelines for economic development from a provincial or cultural perspective. Tourism, farming, inclusiveness of ethnic minorities, equality and access to natural resources , sustainability based on the preservation and respect of human rights and natural environment are key factors for sustainable development.

From a market perspective, knowledge of standards and norms are also an asset to attract foreign investment and trade partners. A sound economy is based on competent managers who are respectful of international trade laws and support law-abiding trade practices along the supply chain of values.

For individuals, job opportunities are linked to the level of competencies of the workforce. Therefore, vocational training and general education form the foundation of any educational policy for human resource development.

Positive externalities through education and work ethics encourage foreign direct investors (FDI) who value best practices in corporate governance. 

The texts in this volume are related to policies for regional development of the provinces in Vietnam. In particular, the policy on environmental protection for the Mekong Delta is very important.  

The selection also provides text on development policies on tourism, education, human resources, foreign relations, foreign direct investment, and economic development.

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