Literary Trends and Modernisation in Pre-75 Southern Vietnam

Southern Vietnam’s golden age of Vietnamese civic education still remains a part of the ideological divide between distinct ideologies and consequently opposite philosophies of education in Vietnam as a young nation.

This brief overview of Southern literature reflects the liberal spirit of the time and includes five major literature trends, from nationalist and nation-building, realist and political philosophy, to faith and spiritual, existentialist and feminist, or romantic and commercial styles.

As literature is also the reflection of a society in motion, it reflects also how the modern war on ideologies affects people’s destinies in different ways.

Original title: Huỳnh Như Phương, “Văn học miền Nam Việt Nam 1954-1975: những khuynh hướng chủ yếu và thành tựu hiện đại hoá”, HCMC National University Workshop Report on Vietnamese language teaching and Vietnamese Studies in modern times, pp. 710-723 (2019).

English Edition: Anh Tho Andres, Vietnam in Transition: Education, Culture and Ethics (Volume 1), Geneva:, Vietnam Ethics Series, 2022.

Keywords: Southern literature, literary trends, society in motion, war, conflict, realist, romantic, existentialist, modernisation

Download PDF: VHI20211000.pdf

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