The Changing Landscape of Vietnamese Society in the Modernisation Process

Volume Editor’s notes: Introduction to the Historical and social context of Change in modern Vietnam.

Vietnam belongs to the East Asian tradition, which includes Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam, surrounding Mainland China.

For over six thousand years of history, China and the countries of East Asian society share religious, cultural and social ties deeply ingrained in the subconscious of people of the same community.

Although changes occur at a different speed in different contexts among Confucian-based countries, we can modernise our society without losing our roots and traditions.

Western technologies, scientific, logical reasoning, standards and discipline help to form an orderly community; combining Eastern wisdom and Western logical thinking is a lesson that we should learn to succeed in our modernisation efforts.

This article gives an overview of Vietnam’s transformation from the pre-colonial period to the post-75 reunification that precedes the Doi Moi’s renovation policy in the late 1980s.

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English translation of excerpts by Anh Tho Andres (2021).

English Edition: Anh Tho Andres, Vietnam in Transition: Education, Culture and Ethics (Volume 1), Geneva:, Vietnam Ethics Series, 2022.

Keywords: educational environment change; Cochinchina; tradition to the modern times, modernisation, westernisation.

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