Vietnamese Perspectives on globalisation

This collection gathers works on factors that have and will affect the development of Vietnamese society through loss of culture, war, famine, migration, and other challenges resulting from the globalisation process.

Keywords include:

Vol. VI, globalisation, geopolitics, world politics, international, business, global, cross-cultural, intercultural, diplomacy, peace

Vol-VHI20216001Vietnam Hoc Studies Seen From a Global Perspective‘ is about the identification of needs in education in the Vietnamese context and teaching strategies that are proposed to accompany the economic transformation of a society in transition. 

Vol-VHI20216002Vietnamese at the Crossroads of Future Choices‘ is about how Vietnamese people deal with modernisation and globalisation issues that threaten the way of life of Vietnamese, especially that of ethnic minorities that are in danger of identity acculturation. Preserving cultural identities is also about keeping values and traditions that form the diversity of Vietnamese people as a nation.

Vol-VHI20216003 Building a global network of Vietnam Experts‘ is about balancing needs and changes, but with moderation and according to the guidelines of the State. Needs are limited and tangible, but wants are unlimited and intangible. VHI mission is to prepare students for the new challenges of an international competitive workplace based on the needs of the Vietnamese economy for integration

Vol-VHI20216004International Authors in Vietnam War Studies‘ focuses on how Vietnamese education can benefit from the international community by aligning to international standards and norms in Education. 

Vol-VHI20216005International Authors on Sustainable Development Studies‘ gives an overview on spiritual and ethical values based on faith and traditions that are found in the Vietnamese textbooks over different periods of evolution of the Vietnamese spiritual development. By understanding the Vietnamese ethics, one can under the behavior of stakeholders of the education sector under the external influences of a changing environment and the solutions they propose to improve the learning environment for the benefit of the economy as a whole. 

Vol-VHI20216006International Authors on International Relations and World Politics ‘ is about balancing needs with the learning experience of countries that have successfully accomplished a high level of HDI index. UN principles on sustainable development, critical thinking, a student-centred approach, scientific knowledge, skills and competencies, and research skills that are highlighted in this section are good examples to inspire Vietnam educators in designing a curriculum that enhances the role of Vietnamese universities in shaping the human resource development of the country. 

Vol-VHI20216007International Authors on Global Ethics Applied

Vol-VHI20216008International Authors on Traditional  Medicine and Health Studies

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